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Romance Your Writer Within

Romance Your Writer Within is a website and online course based on the book by Dr. Melba Burns and her experience inspiring writers for decades.

The process is like a juicy date with your inner Self to tease out the creativity inside you.

Dr Burns takes you through a series of meditations, insights, and exercises to get to know your inner writer as though She were your lover.

14 Writing Dates

Special Offer ~ 14 Writing Dates With Your Writer Within

What Do You Want To Write?

Poetry? Short stories? Novels? Screen plays? Memoirs? Autobiography? Blog posts? Online articles? Personal journals?

Please complete this short survey to let us know what help you are looking for as a writer.

How Can We Help You?

Whatever you want to write, Romance Your Writer Within can help unlock your writing.

What Has Stopped You In The Past?

Lack of confidence? Fear of rejection? Worry that you do not have the skills? Discouraging comments from people you hope to have support from?

Don’t worry.

You have it in you to write.

Everyone does.

Writing is part of being human.

And the more you write, the better you write.

Simply writing will unlock your natural creativity and help you to know yourself better and engage with your own beautiful life.

First of all, write for yourself.  The rest will follow naturally.

50 Great Dates With Your Lover!

Each chapter is like a delicious date with your inner writer.  Your muse.  Your Creative Self.

As you get to know your Writer Within, your writing will flow naturally.

Your life will flow naturally.

Romance Your Writer Within is presented in fifty chapters.

A chapter can contain an inspiring idea, a meditation, and an exercise to help explore your creativity and your writing.

You can approach each chapter like a special date with your Self.

You can do one a day or one a week.  Whatever works for you.

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Romance Your Writer Within Online Course

We are working on an online course based on Dr. Melba Burns’ books on writing and her group teaching.

Here is what you will get with a membership in the online course.

  • The complete eBook of Romance Your Writer Within
  • Other eBook tools to help with your writing.
  • Video of Dr. Melba Burns reading each chapter of the book.
  • The text, meditations, and exercises for each ‘date’ with your Writer Within.
  • Inspiring quotes and insights.
  • Invitations to join Dr. Melba Burns on regular webinar sessions where she talks about a specific topic and answers questions.
  • A Help Desk area on the membership site to pose questions and find answers to previous questions.
  • A subscription to the Romance Your Writer Within Newsletter.
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Live Workshops With Dr. Melba Burns

Dr. Burns offers a live workshop a few times a year.  The next one starts in September 2018.

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Personal Coaching from Dr. Melba Burns

Dr. Burns is available to work one on one with a small number of clients.

She will discuss with you on a regular basis your aspirations and challenges.

Together you will work on a a customized plan to help you explore your creativity and unleash your special Writer Within.

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