When that special person in our lives comes to visit, we clean up our homes – don’t we?

We dust, vacuum, fluff up the pillows on the couch – and sometimes, we even light candles. So, clean up your office, remove the clutter – and act as if a very special person is coming over.

Your Writer Within is special. She will feel more comfortable if the desk is tidied and polished, and if there is a sense of order. Your writing will feel more meaningful.

If you live in clutter, how can you see the beauty of anything around? You can’t, it’s covered with junk. But if you are prepared to welcome this treasured being in a more loving manner, then the words may flow more freely. Your Writer Within will feel received with joy.

Clean Up Your Writing Area

Clean up your writing area so it reflects these values and watch your writing improve.

Another way to prepare is to purchase little pocket-sized notebooks and carry them everywhere. When you’re out for a walk and hear a great phrase, or receive an idea for an essay or a short story, you can jot it down. Without that notebook, brilliant ideas or lyrics would be forgotten. Besides, when you’re out of your own home, that’s a time when your mind is often more freed up and the ideas flow. Try it. It works.

Writing in notebook

Writing in notebook

At night, dreams and great ideas dance jigs in your head, so make sure you have your notebook and pen beside the bed. If you believe you’re going to remember your dream when you awaken, forget that; it will have slipped into the ether’s.

So write it down when it happens.

Or write whatever compels you to put pen to paper.

Often I get insomnia, and may not realize what is tossing around in my mind, but once I’ve turned on the light and scrawled some notes to myself, albeit in a sleepy state, I can usually sink into slumber.

As you prepare to receive from your Writer Within, you will face your writing with a sense of excitement and amazement, for are you not privileged to be able to express on paper what is within your soul?

You know you are.

And your midlife Self is reawakening to a fuller life.

— Dr. Melba Burns

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