Romance Your Writer Within

And Reawaken Your Passion To Write

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Call Your Writer Within By Name And Use Affirmations

In love relationships don’t you often call your partner by a pet name? Speaking the word Hon, Darling, Sweetheart, Honey-bun, Pumpkin, Lover-boy, or some other term of endearment can evoke a feeling of love; it’s comfortable and comforting and can make you feel closer.

Why then, would you not name your Writer Within?

She could be whatever you wish to name her. Maybe Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, or after some other goddesses.

Or: Suzy or Tamika, or Yoda, or Henry – just so you can reference her quickly, and you don’t have to say “Writer Within.”

Jaya is the name I use, and when I speak that, or ask her advice, I am always answered. How did I arrive at the name, Jaya? It was after a particularly deep session with a powerful spiritual healer. I’d had such a blissful time and ventured profoundly into the recesses of my psyche, that I felt the presence of a Guide. The healer asked me what the Guide’s name was and I said out loud: Jaya.

Shortly after that amazing session, I began to write from her, and although that was many years ago, I still have a loving relationship with her, and have written a couple of books with her guidance. She is a combination of my Higher Self, my Creative Self, and my Writer Within, and I value her input greatly.

She is really why I am writing this book – so I can assist you in mining the gold within your own Creative Self.

Writing with your named Writer Within will help you to reawaken your passion to write – because you will realize that you are not writing alone, and that you can always call upon her.

Try it yourself.

Just as you named your child, or your cat or dog, your Writer Within needs a name. Then, observe how much closer you feel, and how much easier it is to write.

Simply close your eyes, breathe deeply for a few minutes, then breathe normally, and just sit in silence for awhile. Ask your Writer Within for her name, and it will come.

Give it time.

Even if it doesn’t come immediately, ask the question as you venture into sleep.


The name will come.

To further your relationship with your Writer Within, speak and write loving affirmations on a daily basis.

Affirmations in this formal sense are repetitions of certain phrases, spoken or written over and over, until they sink into your subconscious mind and re-program all the old, habitual negativity that has resided there.Writing Affirmation


  • My Writer Within (put in your name for her) has awakened and is supporting me daily.
  • My creativity is bursting out of me, carrying my projects to new heights.
  • My writing is getting better and better every minute.
  • My writing flows easily and effortlessly onto the pages.
  • My writing is published and highly acclaimed.
  • I deserve to be published.
  • My Writer Within (Jaya) and I are partners and together we write beautifully.

Make up your own affirmations and write them down.

Keep them by your bedside and post them on the walls where you write.

Self-statements work. They simmer in your subconscious mind and will gradually, over time, change your mind.

Affirmations are a boost to your morale and to your self-belief.

Your Writer Within will love hearing them, too, because as you come to believe the affirmations, you’re more aligned with the Inner Truth that she knows.

In midlife, are we not all seeking truth and integrity?

Our dedication to our writing can lead us there.

Remember You still Can ~

Romance Your Writer Within and Reawaken Your Passion To Write

— Dr. Melba Burns

Here are some resources transform your Writing and Creativity

Prepare To Receive Her ~ Your Writer Within

When that special person in our lives comes to visit, we clean up our homes – don’t we?

We dust, vacuum, fluff up the pillows on the couch – and sometimes, we even light candles. So, clean up your office, remove the clutter – and act as if a very special person is coming over.

Your Writer Within is special. She will feel more comfortable if the desk is tidied and polished, and if there is a sense of order. Your writing will feel more meaningful.

If you live in clutter, how can you see the beauty of anything around? You can’t, it’s covered with junk. But if you are prepared to welcome this treasured being in a more loving manner, then the words may flow more freely. Your Writer Within will feel received with joy.

Clean Up Your Writing Area

Clean up your writing area so it reflects these values and watch your writing improve.

Another way to prepare is to purchase little pocket-sized notebooks and carry them everywhere. When you’re out for a walk and hear a great phrase, or receive an idea for an essay or a short story, you can jot it down. Without that notebook, brilliant ideas or lyrics would be forgotten. Besides, when you’re out of your own home, that’s a time when your mind is often more freed up and the ideas flow. Try it. It works.

Writing in notebook

Writing in notebook

At night, dreams and great ideas dance jigs in your head, so make sure you have your notebook and pen beside the bed. If you believe you’re going to remember your dream when you awaken, forget that; it will have slipped into the ether’s.

So write it down when it happens.

Or write whatever compels you to put pen to paper.

Often I get insomnia, and may not realize what is tossing around in my mind, but once I’ve turned on the light and scrawled some notes to myself, albeit in a sleepy state, I can usually sink into slumber.

As you prepare to receive from your Writer Within, you will face your writing with a sense of excitement and amazement, for are you not privileged to be able to express on paper what is within your soul?

You know you are.

And your midlife Self is reawakening to a fuller life.

— Dr. Melba Burns

The Romance Your Writer Within Online Course is coming soon.

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Invite A Conversation

Then Listen

When you meet a person you’re attracted to, you usually ask questions so they may start to open up. To develop a relationship with this person, you must first invite and then listen to what they are saying – otherwise, they will sense your insincerity, close the door to their heart and turn away.

It is the same principle for Romancing Your Writer Within:

  • Ask good questions.
  • Then listen to what she says.

The question “Why” is a crucial one because if you don’t know your motivation to write, you probably won’t get very far.

But if you know why, you will create a strong foundation for putting pen to paper.

When I was a young woman of 25, I wrote in my journal: I want to write because I want to become a very wise woman and share that wisdom with others. I still refer to that entry when I resist my writing. In times of resistance, rejection, or self-doubt, you too can return to your responses to this question; they will fortify you and renew your passion to write.

Romance Your Writer Within ~ with a wee bit of chocolate!

…acknowledge to yourself whether you would have to die if it were denied you to write. This above all – ask yourself in the stillest hour of the night: must I write? And if this should be affirmative…then build your life according to this necessity;…
Rainer Maria Rilke

Ask “why write?” and then listen.

Some of your answers might sound like this…

  • I Want to write to tell my stories.
  • Inspire others, so they know they can make changes.
  • Allow the crazy-wild-me to flop onto the page in whatever form it takes.
  • Find out what really is inside me.
  • Have people read my work and, hopefully, enjoy it; laugh, cry, feel what is inside of them and be touched.
  • Make a contribution to this world.
  • Enjoy exploring other people’s lives in my characters.
  • Inspire readers, touch hearts and open them to remember who they are.
  • Go on inner journeys blindly, not knowing where.
  • Appreciate what’s around me and express it in poetry.
  • Trust that what I have to say means something.
  • Write from any mood, any time, anywhere; honoring my soul.
  • Tell my stories, so others get a sense of transcending their own challenges; that by writing, they can learn from their own.
  • Enliven myself – and to empower others.
  • Assist my soul’s transformation – touch another soul.
  • Speak through loved ones I’ve known; give them voice, and learn to understand them better.
  • Gain entry to portals of deep wisdom and knowledge.
  • Lift off from mundane and rediscover the poetic realm.
  • Say a holy YES to life and try to be my best self.
  • Make some money – hey, what a novel thought!
  • I want to write because I must.

Remember You still Can~ Romance Your Writer Within And Reawaken Your Passion To Write.’

— Dr. Melba Burns

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How To Restore Your Belief In Your Writer Within

‘It is never too late to do what you want — like write.

Write what you love

You were born with creative abilities and you will always have them.

Just as you can expand the neurological pathways in your brain, you can reawaken your passion to write.

With daily writing self-doubt will fade away and you will learn to write no matter what is going on in your life.

Remind yourself that you were born to be creative to remember who you really are. Sir Ken Robinson, who was knighted for his work in the field of creativity , says:

Everyone is born with tremendous capacities for creativity. The trick is to develop these capacities”

Each word you write opens your heart a little wider.

  • Let yourself be vulnerable.
  • Don’t censor yourself.
  • Be observant.
  • Write for a set period of time at the same time each day if possible.
  • Look for the simple things or situations that seem ordinary and write about them.
  • Read your story out loud.
  • Write in a beautiful notebook.
  • Read your story the next day.
  • Read it again.
  • Elaborate.’

Dr. Melba Burns

Simply write.

Remember You still Can

 Romance Your Writer and Reawaken Your Passion To Write

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How To Court Your Lover ~ Your Writer Within

Welcome to Romance Your Writer Within,

Do You Want To Write?

‘If one of your dreams is to write a novel, a book of short stories or essays, maybe a memoir, a how- to book but you ask yourself: Is this realistic? After all you are ultra busy, life is moving fast, so how could you fit your writing in? Well as you learn to Romance Your Writer Within, to court, honor, respect, and love your inner Creative Self like you would a lover, you can reawaken a beautiful sleeping goddess , your Writer Within, and she will help you write.


When romance is in your life it lifts your spirits up and the whole world looks rosy. Whether you wish to court a new lover, or whether you wish to live alone for the rest of your life. You can still court you Writer Within.

Court Your Lover

Step by step , you can Romance Your Writer Within, engage with her and get to know her, eventually, commit, commune with and partner with her so you don’t feel so alone in this creative process; so you are confident that you have an inner Writer to work and partner with trust and love. .

Through this process in the upcoming year, you will awaken your passion to write, reclaim your dreams and your power, and once again remember who you really are.

So get ready to laugh, cry, feel full of joy and most of all astonish yourself with your own writing!

Remember You still Can~ Romance Your Writer Within And Reawaken Your Passion To Write.’

— Dr. Melba Burns


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