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Don’t Judge Her, Accept Her

Could you stay in a relationship with your lover if that person continually judged or criticized you all the time?

I sure wouldn’t.

So, why then would you expect to have a loving relationship with your Writer Within if you judged and criticized the output?

Don’t you enjoy being with a lover who laughs at your silly jokes, someone who accepts and appreciates everything about you?

In his or her presence you feel better about yourself.

Similarly, your Writer Within flourishes with your response, enjoyment, and acceptance of her. Your positive response will encourage more creative expression.

In my doctoral research on creativity, I discovered a common denominator in nearly all of the studies for fostering creativity: let go of judgment while you are in the creative flow.

Thanks to Dr. Roger Sperry, who won a Nobel Prize in 1981 for his earlier split-brain research, it is now generally known that the two hemispheres of our brain have different functions. The left brain is more dominant in speech, writing, critical analysis, whereas the right brain is dominant in visual and spatial skills. While we need our whole brain to fully function, in creative writing, it is important to engage the right brain first, then, edit from the left brain – later on.

Do not judge what your Writer Within is expressing because it will stop the flow of ideas; and according to creativity researchers such as Alex Osborn, who developed Brainstorming, the best ideas come last.

Dr. Sidney Parnes, from the Creativity Institute in Buffalo, concurred:

“Extended effort in producing ideas … tends to reward problem-solvers with a greater proportion of good ideas among the later ones on their lists [emphasis added].”

Thus, quantity actually produces quality.


As you write quickly, more ideas flow onto the page; as you have no time to judge, you by-pass your internal critic.

The greatest number of ideas usually leads to the most unusual ones, and uniqueness counts in your stories.

Readers want a twist in the plots, unexpected happenings, and delightful surprises because it enriches their reading experience of your work.

So, write fast and see what happens.

To really open this stream of ideas let go of judgment during that first draft, so your essays and poems evolve quicker, and your story or novel takes a whole unforeseen turn.

Trust it, and write swiftly.

Defer any judgment until much later when you’re editing and tightening the piece for presentation or publication.

Your Writer Within will enjoy the freedom to express more and you’ll probably surprise yourself with what appears on the page.

Ask what your Inner Writer would like to express, and then listen, without judgment.

Accept what comes onto the pages. This is what you wrote today, no matter what it is.

As your Writer Within “gets it” that you can actually smile at the scribbled words on your white pages, and that you appreciate her wisdom – as well as her foibles – your output will increase.

Play Me Muse

I push your greatness away sometimes

When I feel small and pretend to be big,

Bigger than you;

I ask dumb questions like,

Who cares?

Why bother?

Does this even matter?

What’s the point?

But when you hear me and answer,

I always know the truth

Even through my terror,

I feel the soft power in my belly

And my words and music flow out

Until I remember again

Who I really am.

— Dr. Melba Burns

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Make Time To Write

Image from Pixabay

Time is all we have, isn’t it?

Everyone has the same 24 hours per day, but it’s what we do with it that matters.

Use it to write daily and watch your writing improve.

Take the necessary time.

You most need to love yourself

Without self-love, how can you put love out into a world starving for love?

It is a choice you make.

Even in the dark of the night when you cannot sleep, even in your dreams that Startle you awake, love is the only way you can open up to the depths, and Creative ideas within.

You are a creative being

But the circuits of your creativity are jammed; Too much thinking and doing.

You must be.


It is all right to sit and allow your soul to return to you.

Too much of your self is spread around on outer aspects pulling at you from many directions, taking you further and further away from that light inside.

You may be tired today because your soul is calling out to you:

“Come back to me. Please let me be the great light that I am. Do not cut me up into tiny little candles here, there and everywhere – no,
Be one great ball of energy.”

Take time to meditate

Return to the awareness of what is truly important.

You can always fix this little corner of your life, or that one.

Call a friend, do another errand, or talk yourself away.

But to remain in the stillness is to honor your soul.

You have many talents to offer this world

Do not let them ooze out, down your face or into calls about taxes.

Balance your worldly needs with those within.

You are tired today because you need to stop and be still.

Do you ever give yourself a full day off?


Be quiet.

Go within – that is what you truly need.

Please listen to that.

Meditate today

Be gentle and quiet.

Your worldly work will be easier; you will have a stronger sense of who you are.

In this quiet, you will strengthen yourself.

The world wants what you have to offer.

Take the necessary time to bring it to them.

But first, bring it to yourself.

Dr. Melba Burns

Romance Your Writer Within
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