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Here are testimonials from many people who have worked with Dr. Melba Burns to explore their creativity and reach for their writing dreams.

“Recently I took one of Melba’s one-day workshops. Something clicked inside of me as we were doing the various exercises. It was inspirational! I found a new courage that not only gave me more passion for writing, but it spilled over into other areas of my life as well. Amazing! I felt a huge feeling of relief as I also gained a new ability to trust in my own instincts. Doubly amazing!! I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone.”

— Carolyn Micheals, Artist

"Before this group, I didn’t take my writing seriously. Now… I am a writer. I can write. I will continue! Melba, you have such a strong spiritual energy. Your feedback was so direct, but loving, gentle and strong.”

— Olga Boulter

“I was so motivated and inspired that I focused on finishing my book. Now, I feel more encouraged and confident… I just love your constant inspiration. Thank you.”

— Nicki Boyd

“Before, I was stuck because of working in a context where every word had to be right… Now I’m writing my stories again and enthusiasm is back… I am happy that I joined the group, and am expecting to produce more good work as a result of it. Thank you.”

— Susannah Anderson

“I have a new understanding of how my creative process works, and how to use it in my writing to not only tell my story but to understand myself in a new way… It was a pleasure to be in this group of women.

I have learned much about writing…

Melba’s wisdom and willingness to share and encourage has made this class successful in my opinion.”

— Lori Reid

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"My problem was finding a true creative way to express myself by writing; creating books that people would pay to read!!!

Now, I know I can write children’s books, teaching spiritual lessons…

She is a great teacher, clear and inspiring and insightful, and she provides a great space to be nurtured and encouraged in creative expression through writing.”

— Charonne Sinclaire.

“Melba’s Writer’s Workshop brought me an unexpected perspective on my writing: my motivation, my process and my potential. She also gave me much needed practicalities on getting my work out there. A great group.”

David Buckland, Writer & Consultant

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