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‘If one of your dreams is to write a novel, a book of short stories or essays, maybe a memoir, a how- to book but you ask yourself: Is this realistic? After all you are ultra busy, life is moving fast, so how could you fit your writing in? Well as you learn to Romance Your Writer Within, to court, honor, respect, and love your inner Creative Self like you would a lover, you can reawaken a beautiful sleeping goddess , your Writer Within, and she will help you write.


When romance is in your life it lifts your spirits up and the whole world looks rosy. Whether you wish to court a new lover, or whether you wish to live alone for the rest of your life. You can still court you Writer Within.

Court Your Lover

Step by step , you can Romance Your Writer Within, engage with her and get to know her, eventually, commit, commune with and partner with her so you don’t feel so alone in this creative process; so you are confident that you have an inner Writer to work and partner with trust and love. .

Through this process in the upcoming year, you will awaken your passion to write, reclaim your dreams and your power, and once again remember who you really are.

So get ready to laugh, cry, feel full of joy and most of all astonish yourself with your own writing!

Remember You still Can~ Romance Your Writer Within And Reawaken Your Passion To Write.’

— Dr. Melba Burns


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We are also working on an online course for Romance You Writer Within.

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