Laurie Melenka is a writer who has been inspired by writing and creativity workshops with Dr. Melba Burns.

She wrote the following poem in celebration of Neil Cook’s life. She read the poem at his 99th Birthday Party and we recorded her reading the poem for sharing.

I’m Not Done Yet

How is it for me now in my hundredth year
Surrounded by dear friends and acquaintances
Many of whom I have watched struggle through dark hours
And who have stood by me during mine

I have been blessed
Truly privileged
To bask with them in moments of elation
And pride and wonder
It’s been time well spent

And now this old body is slowing down
And yet
My mind and my heart tell me
There is so much still left
For me to do

There’s a hand to be held
A story to be told
And a lesson to be recounted
I’m as wide open as I’ve ever been
Still receptive
Still bearing gifts

I’m full of gratitude
For I’ve lived wisely
No regrets
I’ve been guided by the best
I’ve served and counselled more than a few
Paved some byways
Learned from my mistakes
Delighted in my successes
Shed tears on occasion
And had some great laughs too
I’ve trusted in the mercy of my God

I like to think
And if I’m as honest with myself As I’ve tried to be
I know I’m a humble man
And along the way I’ve eased some suffering
And I’m not done yet

More About Laurie Melenka

Laurie is a poet, novelist, comic, and Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Vancouver.

The Oman Affair by Neil CookMelba Burns gave had his book The Oman Affair printed and made available through Amazon.

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