Join us for the Online Course version of Romancing Your Writer Within by Dr. Melba Burns.

Romance Writing Course

Are you compelled to Write?

Do you want to explore your Creativity?

Have a desire to get to know your Inner Writer Self in an intimate way?

Feel stuck as a writer?

Don't know how to reawawaken your passion to write?

Have trouble getting started with your writing?

We created the online course
Romance Your Writer Within
just for you.

 Ready To Write?

Unleash your Inner Writer with Romance Your Writer Within.

  • Follow Dr. Melba Burns as she takes you through a series of dates with your Writer Within.
  • Learn to treat your Writer Self as your Lover.
  • Connect with your Creative Self on intimate dates.
  • Learn valuable insight on writing and creativity from Dr. Melba Burns.
  • Join Dr. Melba Burns with other writers for insightful webinars.
  • Complete writing exercises on your writing dates.
  • Learn to create freely.
  • Write freely and have a lot of fun doing it.
  • Write better.

Are you ready to connect with your Writer Within and become the writer you dreamt of becoming?

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What Students Say

"My problem was finding a true creative way to express myself by writing; creating books that people would pay to read!!!

Now, I know I can write children’s books, teaching spiritual lessons…

She is a great teacher, clear and inspiring and insightful, and she provides a great space to be nurtured and encouraged in creative expression through writing.”

— Charonne Sinclaire

— Randy Purcell

"Melba is great at getting us to actually write, and not just talk about it. Things that have been on the back burner for years suddenly come to life again.

Melba creates a fun, joyful and caring atmosphere in her classes. Highly recommended."

Gail Behrend
Business Writer and Healer
Author of Energy is Real

— Bonnie McDonald Dixon
Author of How to Get the Job You Love

What You Will Receive

  • The system generates a user account and password and sends to your email address.
  • Online Materials, including:
    • Text and video for all fifty writing lessons or 'dates'with your Inner Writer.
    • Writing and Creativity Exercises.
    • Audio Meditations.
    • Additional tips on Writing and Creativity.
    • Recommended Resources.
    • Writing tools.
    • More ...
  • The Thank You Page will provide a download of the eBook version of Romance Your Writer Within.
  • Complete a short questionnaire and book a phone call with Dr. Melba Burns to discuss your writing aspirations.
  • Receive invitations to attend webinars featuring Dr. Melba Burns talking about writing and answering questions.
  • Gain access to a Help Desk area where you can find tips about using the Online Course and answers to questions.  The Help Desk is the the place where you can ask for support and ask more questions about the program.
  • Enrollment in the Romance Your Writer Within Newsletter. We will send articles of interest to writers and announcements about new additions to the online course and opportunities to meet and work with Dr. Melba Burns.

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  • We will refund your payments if you ask.
    We may ask for your reasons simply so that we can improve the course offering.

Try the Online Course for $1

Romance Your Writer Within
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